Public Safety

Delegate Valentine has been endorsed by the Virginia Sheriff’s Association PAC as well as the Virginia and Lynchburg Professional Firefighters Association. Mike Mohler, President of the Virginia Professional Firefighters Association, said Delegate Valentine is a legislator who “protects the protectors”. Additionally, the Professional Investigators and Security Association named her 2009 Legislator of the Year for her work in public safety.

Delegate Valentine is committed to providing the highest level of protection, safety and security for all Virginians. This commitment is demonstrated annually when she patrons and co-patrons budget amendments to increase “599 Funding” that would allow the Commonwealth to fully comply with its funding obligations to localities that operate police departments. The fundamental issue is that keeping our communities safe can only be accomplished by providing the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day with the resources they need to do their jobs.

In addition to working with our law enforcement and public safety officials, Delegate Valentine has worked hard to protect Virginian’s from consumer fraud. Whether it is mortgage lending, credit card security protection or payday lending, she has stood against abuse and corruption.

House Bill 1709 (Co-Patron), Pay Day Lending: Cracks down on payday lenders by placing a 36% interest rate cap on small consumer loans. It also mandated that a statewide database of payday loan transactions be created and all prospective borrowers be screened against this database.

House Bill 1776 (Co-Patron), Mortgage Lender and Broker Act: Puts consumers first by prohibiting brokers from using fraudulent or misleading lending tactics to secure a mortgage loan that is not in the best interests of the applicant, considering the applicants circumstances and loan characteristics. Borrower may bring an action to recover actual damages for breach.

House Bill 2237 (Patron), Credit Card Security Protection: Working with bankers, retailers and consumer protection groups, this bill addresses the full disclosure of card numbers on credit and debit card receipts for the purpose of preventing identity theft, promoting commerce and protecting consumers.

House Bill 2241 (Patron) – Detector Canine Handlers & Examiners: Supported by the Department of Criminal Justice Services and the Professional Investigators and Security Association, this legislation addresses the security and safety concerns of canine detectors and handlers by restricting licensing for canines detecting narcotics or explosives. VIrginia is setting the highest standards in the country.

House Bill 2041 (Co-Patron), Legislation DUI Interlock Limitation: Provides that a person who is convicted of DUI is required to have an ignition interlock on the first offense as a condition of a restricted license.

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